Do you think we're being forced to take immigrants from Syria?

I'm not hating on them, I just don't understand why we HAVE to take in thousands of immigrants into our countries of which many won't even get jobs and offer us back services!

Sure they're fleeing pure evil from their countries, but shouldn't they be tackling it and helping us rid of it?

Us, the taxpayers, are spending millions on them; giving them food, cloths, water and even fucking WiFi, but then many degrade our cemetries and degrade our culture and customs.


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  • not from what I have read. I have read there are approximately 22 isis training camps in the states though. I think they are only europe's problem.

    • Only Europe's problem?

      You Yanks created ISIS for crying out loud... you caused these immigrants to leave in the first place.

    • Lulz whatever they are your problem now

    • You know what, you've summed it up perfectly. The US fucks this world up and throws the blame onto lesser countries to wipe up. You're amazing.

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  • Obama has made it clear, he WANTS to take refugees from Syria. Since Obama likes using his unchallenged Executive Orders to act like dictator when congress won’t back him (i. e making up new laws and treaties on his own and ruling by fiat), we ARE going to be taking some of them.

    So while, I get what you are saying, and I agree with it, I know that the refugee problem cannot be ignored. We need some kind of a plan. Since the refugees are going to flee Syria, since it is life or death for them, they will need a place to go. Trying to hide our head in the sand, while the rest of the world takes them in, only make us look like selfish jerks, making it harder for us in the future. So I personally think we need to take some of them.

    My big issue is the fact that Islam is extremely anti-democracy. Sure some practitioners of Islam in the US that aren't, but if you really look at the pure form of Islam that these people live (not our watered down US version), it is incongruent with democracy. In general, they aren't going to want to assimilate. They are going to demand that they and those around them live Sharia law, even when it violates the fundamental principals of democracy. For example, the way it treats women and children as property and other religions. This is going to cause major issues and it is going to cause a lot of them to HATE the U. S., even after we saved them. This means we are looking at welcoming into the U. S. people that will be the next generation of terrorists. Instead of Islamic terrorist being from the Middle East, they will be from the East Coast, so to speak.

    So I like one of the ideas that a local radio host where I lived had. He had a guest on from an organization dedicated to helping Christians from Syria and Iraq flee from ISIS. The Christians in Syria and Iraq are not only dealing with the indirect consequences of civil war, but direct religious persecution also. They are being killed FOR being Christian, not just a collateral damage like the Islamic refuges.

    So why not get with one of those groups and help them. We obviously cannot take all of the refugees from Syria, so why not take the ones who would assimilate into the U. S. culture AND who will love us for it. Why not choose several Christian refugee groups and help them bring these people in as our part of the refugees?


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  • Get used to taking in immigrants. their is expected to be millions of middle eastern refugees seeking asylum next year. For the last two years millions of Christians have been prosecuted and enslaved and other religious and ethnic groups. I don't forsee this chaos ending anytime soon.


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  • The US paid billions to create chaos and anarchy in Iraq
    The US pays millions arming the Syrian rebels.
    The US Congress represents the taxpayers and agreed with the above.
    Thus pure evil came: civil war.
    Not the EU did all that. The US.
    Those who created it have to pay for it.
    Nuff said

    • So we, in Europe, shouldn't have to pay for it... the US should, but they haven't done ANYTHING

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    • @ARTESTJ
      -Concerning Syria, Al Nusra militants were caught in Turkey, transporting military gas.
      -There's no proof concerning Assad.
      -Those WMD were NOT found when the US invaded Iraq.
      -The UN weapons inspectors like Scottt Ritter complained about a lack of cooperation but did not report any WMD (As far as I remember, they concluded that these were destroyed years ago)
      -The "coalition of the willing" has access to the same intelligence the U. S. did *pretend* to have.
      The Washington Post article proves clearly that Powell knew more.

      Just saying the enemy is 'evil' is not a real argument. Who killed more? Saddam or the coalition destroying Iraq and creating anarchy and offering a void to ISIS?
      That war killed more than one million Iraqi civilians:
      Isn't that 'evil'?

  • I haven't been following this issue closely enough to have an informed opinion but my gut reaction is that I'm against it.

    I think we have enough people already in our country who are taking handouts. Also I bet if the roles were reversed they'd wouldn't be jumping at the idea of refugees coming into their country.

  • take them in, take them in, take them in

    That is all... just take them in.

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