Why does the sound interfere in the headset?

I had iphone bluetooth headset and i started using it again and sometimes if i move my head or something, the music starts lagging... especially if i wesr it in my left ear and put the phone in my left pocket, or if i put it in my right ear and phone in left pocket.. do all bluetooth headsets lagg? Or mine is messup up? Coz it seems just fine, the sound ot great but the lagging and stopping is the only problem that happens least of the time..


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  • No, it shouldn't do that. Sometimes Bluetooth can do some weirdness if the transceivers are too close together. Try moving the phone away a couple feet and see if that changes it. If there is a lot of signal noise in the environment that can cause some problems possibly so see if it is dependent on where you are at. Most likely you'll end up getting a new device if it's too annoying. Also make sure your phone is updated.

    • Yea, it doesn't happen a lot.. or it just happens at the begining for like 2 seconds.. and then it runs smoothly.. its nothing bad... after all im buying my own... thanks