Have people on here been watching the new pc southpark episodes?

i've been lovin this season!
i just can't imagine how offended all the pc people get when watch it xD


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  • ha! yeah it's been good so far. that pc principal has been funny as hell when he's on. south park has always been great about showing how stupid being pc is though.

    • YES!!!
      showing how stupid being pc is though!!
      thats it !
      did you watch it last night?
      cartman crying because he posted a picture without shirt on IG, gets called fat...
      mr mackey wants to say 'maybe just dont put a picture of yourself online' (WHICH IS THE TRUTH!!!)
      and pc principal just stops him mid sentence haha, doesn't even get him a chance!

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    • ha! this was definitely the funniest episode of the new ones. $1 dollar for the starving kids of the world, won't the starving kids be so proud lol. randy and the charity part made me laugh like hell. just pull the sandwich out of her mouth lol.

    • we gotta stop charity shaming

  • Southpark is awesome, I love how they can just get in your face about anything. There is no subject or approach that is off the table.

    • true!
      it has been like that for a long time!
      but have you seen these last episodes?
      i think they really hate this new pc wave... their take on body shaming and what not is hilarious!

    • I haven't, but will check it out!

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