Is iphone 6s worth it?

Currently i have the shittiest dumb phone and tomorrow i am heading to the store to get the iphone 6s 64 GB, I saw a lot of videos on youtube about it but i still prefer to hear your personal experience
My question is does anyone have it? Please refer to Pros and cons as well.

I would appreciate any other phone recommendations.


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  • I have the iPhone 6 and I won't go for another brand of phone again. I love them I'd say the 6s is just as good :)

    • Oh cool! the iPhone 6 here is not that expensive :D but since my phone is very old and i am buying i thought about buying the best on the market :)

    • Get the newest and then you don't have to replace as often. Buy a good leather cover for it the screens are ridiculously easy to break :) enjoy it though they're brilliant

    • True fact haha, Thanks a lot!

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  • Is too expensive but if you have the money I will go for it! I would do

  • I have the 6s and I won't lie, I mainly got it for the camera. It's a pretty decent camera for a phone.

    • Brilliant! Yes it's camera is perfect and even the 3D touch is just amazing!!
      Which storage do you own? I've heard that if you are insane about taking pictures go for the 64GB because 16GB is not enough!

    • I'm a cheapo and only paid for the 16gb

  • I don't know why people like iPhones. They are not customizable at all. My Galaxy Note looks so pretty thanks to a 3rd party app.

    • Jailbreak can do the trick. But yea the dark side of iphones they're overpriced.

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  • Well, it is quite pricy (at least here in norway).
    Personally i'd sve a couple bucks and get a sony xperia z5 or something.

    Equally good (probably more sturdy too), but cheaper.

    • Yes even here where i live.
      To be honest i was thinking to get the Z5 but they didn't advice me to get it.
      Very laggy..

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    • You're right. I am surprised from their offers too it was hella expensive when they first released but now it's getting cheaper day by day.
      It's specs are good but when it comes to performances it's not.
      The only two features are good about it is the camera and the new Touch ID.
      I haven't tried yet but tomorrow i will try it and compare it with the iphone 6s
      But my heart is telling me iphone 6s :D

    • what's your wallet telling you?

      I'm using an "old" xperia z2, and it runs smooth as butter for me. So i don't get the whole moaning about interfaces "lagging" on newer phones.

  • I doubt it. As long as I can call the dispatcher and get fire, police, and ambulance support, then nothing else matters.

  • I'd say it's better than other high end phones. I prefer iPhones and I have an iPhone 5s that still works very well