I don't understand please help?

My ex made a fake Facebook and sent me a request. I accepted it. I know it's him because several psychics have told me. The psychics also said he has deep and sincere feelings for me. Here's what one of them said...

I don't understand please help??

So I've emailed him on this fake Facebook and he hasn't been online or checked my messages. He left me for his baby mama who he's off and on again with I think. He hasn't been on his real profile since October 1st and hasn't been on that fake one for while either. It's obviously fake, no profile pic no cover photo and only two posts. The profile was also made at 3 am and he's known for staying up late. Am I crazy? Lol losing my mind? I love him so much I've been trying to move on but it seems he doesn't want me to. Last time I texted him I said him and his new girlfriend are perfect for each other they are both ugly as fuck and probably both peices of shit. Then I said consider this bridge finally burned. Then about a week later I get that friends request. Why is he being this way? Should I fight for him? Do y'all think it's him? Oh and I was the only friend on the friends list too.

Why did he make a fake Facebook but won't log on or talk to me?


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  • First off how do you know it's him? Second, if you have his phone number then why don't you text him and ask what's up?

    • Trust me I know it's him. Not only does the name give it away but the posts do too. I tried texting him again and got no response. Plus I think his girlfriend is monitoring his phone so I don't think he's going to reply while he's with her. So there's no point

    • If he hasn't been online and hasn't texted you I don't think you're going to really receive any contact. I personally wouldn't get my hopes up on him :/