What should I tell her?

I'm going to hang out with a pretty cool girl tomorrow. I just want to be cool. What should I talk to her about to make her realize I am a cool person. I really want her in my life. She's a great girl. I don't love her. Just wanna be her friend. She doesn't live in the same town with me. I've about 4 weeks I've been texting her on WhatsApp and tomorrow she's coming and we're having a coffee and I just wanna leave a good impression. Please girls help me. What should I do. Please tell me how should I act when she talks, when she listens to me... everything. Please help.


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  • just be yourself!! relax, take a deep breath, I would just ask her questions about herself but not to much, talk about stuff that's going on in your life, make jokes, if you have another friend that is a girl, just pretend you are talking to her. You don't want to seem cocky or anything.


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