Are people more moral, less moral, or the same as years ago?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Definitly less. I found a article which kind of explains it and i really agree:

    ''According to a comprehensive study from the University of Michigan, we care about others 40 percent less than people in the 1980s did, with the biggest drop-off in empathy occurring after the year 2000. Reasons for this drop in empathy is anyoneโ€™s guess, but the increase in media (both social and mainstream) and violent video games have been trotted out as the likely suspects.''

    The whole article:

    • I don't think its videogames but with how the media bombards us with negative images and information I can absolutely see that resulting in people tuning it out. Also how disconnected we are probably factors in as well (people socialize with friends half as much as their parents did and they less then thier parents, most likely do to technology). Interesting article though.

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    • No use pointing fingers. Doesn't change the fact that we are still screwed.

    • Only if we do not realize whats happening which we are realizing which means it can and will be averted. We do change it usually only occurs when things become extreme enough which they are and we will see a shift. @TheBasil Finding the root of the problem is key in solving it, as einstein said, "we cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created them." by simply allowing things to run their course that is what caused the issues to begin with, so it is necessary to analyze and think to find the solution, and to do that we need to find the root cause. Interesting video by the way, I think its evidence of a shift in mindset to something better.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I voted the same but after reading the article that @TheBasil posted I am inclined to say less moral. I think their are many factors and that article kind of caused me to start seeing some connections. For instance complete fixation on our technology would interfer with natural connections so they wouldn't be nearly as potent and since our technology allows us to function independently we no longer have a drive to develop as strong a social network as our parents and ancestors did. Then of course we have created a system that has removed parents from homes leaving children to essentially fend for themselves affecting social bonding and on top of that a culture that pushes promiscuity which essentially is a manifestation of this where we seek the dopamine surge from sex but then leave before an emotional connection can occur which in turn would reduce our empathy.(similar effects occur with pornography, creating a surge in the reward centers of our brain but without the human interactions that was meant to correspond to it causing a disfunction.(the same affect occurs with food addiction)). So yeah I would say less moral.

    • Did you find the actually study? I could not fine a link to the actual scientific paper.

    • @Marstalk Thats a good point. I looked through all the links provided and couldn't find it either. That is not a good start to an argument. I didn't check out the doctors involved so that may lead to a source but yeah I didn't check the links well enough the first time around so sorry about that.

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What Girls Said 4

  • WAY less moral -.- so proud.

  • not all of them, though.

  • Oh for sure less! I feel like people are less moral than they were before. Not everyone, but some are just so uncaring about other people. I've seen so many terrible things done by people I can't believe it :(

  • Way less moral than generations past...


What Guys Said 6

  • To me time have change and people have change with time. I was raise by my grandmother who raiser with manners and respect but, now I don't see that anymore. I see kids or negative role models raising the kids causing them to have less morals in life.

  • Probably the same, maybe more moral.

    The past used to be a horrible, violent place where people did terrible things to each other. Just look at the crime figures. They have fallen consistently over the years. 200 years ago there were hundreds of violent attacks on one particular street in London every year. They slowly fell over the years. That's just one example.

    The thing is, when people say "moral" they really mean "judged by MY morals" and they look around and see the moral fibre of society changed from their parents time. Is that good or bad? Depends on what YOUR morals are.

    But I'm thinking in terms of violence, rape, murder, war. That sort of thing - almost what you could call stuff that is "objectively" bad rather than being subjective to each persons own moral compass.

    That said - what TheBasil has said below is interesting. If that's true - then I suspect we are only more "moral" because the mechanisms that chain us to society (CCTV, the police, government spying on us through our internet use, social media ensuring everyone knows everything about us etc) means its more difficult to get away with stuff today so we keep a lid on things.

  • Society as a whole will never become more or less moral, as morality is dictated by society.

    The only thing that I'll say as a general statement, is that we have changed very greatly. We are more for equality of opprotunity and what-not, but interpersonal relationships are not valued as much as they used to be.

  • People who are saying less moral, they have a very rosy view of the past in my opinion.

  • WAYYY the fuck less moral.

  • More.

    Seriously, look at past societies and compare them to today. Obviously we have improved. Still plenty of assholes, but come on, look at this historically. It's no contest.

    The people saying "no" are just cynical prudes.

    • It would only be sad if we didn't improve a little from how we where around 16-1800.

      There is a reason people think we have lost moral. Families aren't as important anymore. When people grow old they are forced into eldery home and forced to take medication which makes them just even more forgetful. Even for many years back, family was still important especially the elderly.

      Now less people adopt and instead order surgat mothers to give birth for them.7

      People marry over and over again without thinking now. Which tires the children there out.

      We also share our whole life on social media. We don't have any privacy anymore.

      Many other things, but for me in this media world we live in i don't think we can become much more empathic.

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