Could I add my boss on facebook?

And what I mean is, can I ask him to be my friend on facebook. ME making the request. I would ask all the other supervisors too if I can find them, but i particularly want to add my main boss. Coz I am unfortunately am into him a bit. I wouldn't really do much on facebook with him anyway, but I like being open for the possibility. Plus I think he's really cool and at least friend worthy even if I didn't work for him. Not like I post anything really at all to facebook, and nothing ever innapropriate, and nothing I wouldn't want him to see. If anything, i would just like him to see my post here and there :P

Like I am very into him, but i know my boundaries. I wouldn't try anything until one of us has moved on from our job.
Besides even If the slight chance I would eventually which is very unlikely coz I like my job, We just had a secret couple from supervisor to normal employee that went a long time and came out about it after the supervisor switched jobs. And we all just think they're cute together. there was no reprocussion.

but besides the point, I just want to add him. I even got my friend to add him coz she used to work here as well, and then I could make an excuse like "I saw you and her become friends, so I decided <why not?> and added you too" Ifigured that could be my backup incase he finds it innappropriate to the workforce or something.


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  • I did, but I wouldn't. Unfortunately, they did the request and before she was my boss. For the most part, with the exception of really trusted coworkers who are similar to me politically, I would not FB friends with coworker or anyone else at my job. I don't want my job as part of my personal life and I don't want my personal life and beliefs to be well-known at my job. Believe me when I say you want to keep these two parts of your life as separate as possible because each one is a respite from the other.

    • well I'm already friends with almost all my coworkers, and its not like my personal life is sacred. If anything, they all make my life better. lol. And I literally dont post anything on facebook. Only silly things that anyone would enjoy. other than me liking him, I have no other secrets to hide. And what do you mean "They did the request and before she was my boss"?

    • The woman who requested my FB friendship was not my boss at the time. She is now.

    • OHH okay. Yeah, He wasn't the one who hired me or anything. He's only been the main boss for a few months now. I shouldve added him a little before that -.- lol

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  • Bad idea. Don't do it.

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