Will she think I'm clingy?

i got the chance to kiss this girl at a party but we were both kinda drunk but i told some other people about kissing her and i think she knows that i told people. i dont think she's mad or anything but i think she knows that i told people we kissed. will this make me seem clingy? if this happened to you would you think its clingy?

  • yes i'd consider this clingy
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  • yes and i'd think that you're really proud of kissing me
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  • no i'd think that you're just proud of kissing me
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  • no i'd think you're trying to embarrass me
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  • no i'd just think you're really into my looks/appearance
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  • no i'd think you liked me and/or wanted to date me
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  • C
    Just telling people y'all kissed makes you clingy? Most dudes tell their boys what happen and vise versa. Don't trip man, you're good

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