Horse back riding, any tips?

It looks like a fun thing to do, what are your thoughts?
Do you think it can be dangerous?


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  • You have to control your horse and don't let the horse control you


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  • - is not like any other sport, it involves an animal, so it takes more responsibility, as the horse needs exercise
    - you need to build a friendship with the horse, otherwise, riding will be a pain for you AND the horse
    - yup, it is dangerous, you can break bones and have major accidents, but if the passion is big enough that shouldn't stop you from doing it :) but dont worry, this is not something that happens all the time lol

    what kind of riding are you gonna do? I've never done the popular one, competing and all that stuff, but I'd suggest you to listen the instructor all the time.

    Every horse has its own personality, so it will take a while to get to know the animal, the more you learn about it, the more you'll enjoy it :) Also, you will find days that the horse feels different, they are just like us, they have their days lol
    Pay attention to the body language, looking at the ears helps a lot, you can read more about it :) but I think paying attention to that is useful. I do it because that way I know when my horse is relaxed or not and I know how to react.

    Riding horses is A M A Z I N G, nothing will ever compare with the connection you build with the animal, there is a point in which you trust each other and you realise that you can spend hours and hours riding. I love doing it <3 if you ever get the chance to do it outdoors, do it! cuz that is by far the best way!

    • would you say it takes time to know how to ride properly? it just looks fun running and things like that.. I am actually thinking of learning how to jump and things like that, I think they also go outdoors in the club from time to time
      have you ever had any accidents?
      how do you actually become friends with a horse? lol is a bit confusing..

    • I dont think you ever become a perfect rider, I ride horses since I was 9 and every single day is completely different, but if you are worried about running and stuff, well, it took me a month or so because I was really insecure about it at first, it all depends on how good you connect with the horse tbh... if you have a good connection, in no time you will feel confident about it, for me, riding is a very emotional thing hehe.
      yeah I've had a few accidents, luckily not really bad, the worse for me was a broken bone, but I fell A LOT of times
      spend time with the horse, at first, try to catch his attention with food, that way it will slowly feel more comfortable around you, pet it, make it smell your hand, talk to it, so that it recognises your voice. Horses are super intelligent, you'll see how it slowly becomes your best friend, and trust me no one can brake that bond :) I highly recommend this activity

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  • it is fun, i did it for a little while. it's not dangerous when u are properly trained and are able to bond with ur horse. of course unexpected surprises can happen but if u adhere to all the safety guidelines you'll have an amazing time =]
    you should have an instructor with you anyway at first and you'll be set after some time.

    • have you ever had any accidents?
      how long did it take you to do it properly?

  • It's fun but it can absolutely be dangerous. That is a giant animal you're putting yourself around. Giant.

  • I think... Listen well to the tutor or who ever will be teaching you, because yes it can be dangerous