Views on religion?

Would you think of religion as a means of oppression or escape for people?
I would say escape. But I've heard some say that religion oppresses people.
What do you think?

Okay well, but don't you think that a religion is a must in people's lives? I see a comment saying that it serves to give people hope. But I'd say it's much more than that. It is, to me, a sense of being.
I see another comment that FACT is the right way. But aren't there things that are beyond fact? Perhaps even beyond human comprehension?


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  • Religion is a set of morals / rules / values / beliefs / dogma.

    Depending on each religion, each had its own purpose. Judaism / Islam were designed to keep people in check through making people govern themselves in such a way (through fear of punishment) that they would do the "right" things within their community. It is a means of population control.

    Scientology was designed with the clear intention of getting money from people, and it worked.

    What sucks is that "religious beliefs" are seen as important rather than as mere superstition, thus giving religious people and religious organizations special rights.


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  • I think organized religion is an outdated concept that quite frankly needs to cease to be relevant. Science has all but dismissed the "God is the creator of the universe" theory and religious holy books have stories within them that are pure fantasy, in fact some of the stories seem more far fetched than a story from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    I do respect a person's right to practice their religion in peace from persecution but history tells me that religion is an oppressive system of governance, it is very much politicised and it has caused a monumental amount of pain and suffering throughout the centuries.

  • It does both. I think the basic idea in may ways that religion exsist is to bring people hope. Cause humanity is pretty self destructive. But considring all the bad it has done, Im not sure if is or was worth it, today we at least can live with different ideals that dosent involve killing others who disagree with you, even tho this still happens today. Think world would be much more peaceful without it anyway at this point.

  • The One True Religion is FACT. The rest are impostors.


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