My car was towed while I was at the gym, I was parked properly in a marked parking spot, Help?

I was at the gym for about an hour, when I came out my car was gone, so I called the police department and they told my car had been towed for being too far from the gym, also I was near a water hydrant but there were clearly marked white parking lines on the ground and no signs that said no parking or anything like that, do any of you guys know if I can fight the charges in anyway I don't understand how can my car be towed even when it was in a legal marked spot in the gym's parking lot.


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  • maybe take pictures of where you claim the available space is open to you.. (the white parking lines) and show the prosecutor there are no signs telling you to leave this exact space open. Let them know there are no paint marks telling you not to park there. they should let you off with the parking fines because its not marked... eventhough i avoid hydrants mostly.

    • I called the towing company, they told me they towed my car because it was too far from the gym, not because of the water hydrant, since when are you required to park close to the gym or store etc or get towed, wow this sucks, I see people parking where I park all the time, thanks for your help

    • yaa... but how do they know you were even at the gym? or call the manager of the store you were parked infront of thats bs!!!

    • im sorry that happen to you

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  • Call a lawyer not a question/answer site.

    • I can't afford a lawyer, do you know any websites that provide free legal help, I've been looking but I can't find any.

    • If a lawyer is more expensive than paying the fine, then just pay it. There's no way around it for poor people. The police still bully and shake people down.

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  • Unlikely that you would be able to fight it.