What would you do if you were Harry Potter?

Through all the books. With your current knowledge. What would you do differently? I'd want to time travel and kill Peter Pettigrew in his sleep to keep all thr drama from happening. Yeah it's cowardly but otherwise someone would come to his aid and I don't wanna deal with that


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  • I'd use that clock of Emma or whatshername. In the third movie she had a clock that could be used to control time to help her study.

    If you use that, and just spin back to the kid Voldemort. Just enter that room, blast the kid, say "You will thank me later, Dumbledore" and then you poof away again

    • Emma? O. o That's Hermione

    • Emma Watson, look her up
      It's her real name

    • I obviously know what her real name is, it just didn't click at the moment. My bad!

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  • I would've not gone to the ministry in the 5th book, since we find out it was a trap. Sirius is one of my most regretted deaths!

    • Agree with this... and also, I would have tried to get out of the graveyard faster with Cedric to save him. That death hit me hard too.

    • Yeah definitely! Poor Cedric. He was a really decent guy.

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  • I'd join Voldemort, betray him, and rule the world.


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