Is it weird to invite your exes to your wedding? Please read for details?

Our parents think the fact that my ex and my fiance's ex are on our wedding invite list is weird.

We don't get it.

My fiancee and I are HS sweethearts. We DID go to college first though so please, no one jump down my throat about getting married right out of HS and how it's nonsense or whatever lol

Anyway, we got together Sophomore year of HS.

Freshman year we both had other SO's. My ex ran in my circle of friends and after our break up that didn't change. Our families are good friends.

The same goes for my fiance's ex.

Keep in mind these are people we dated like NINE years ago. When we were children. They're still good friends of ours and I would hesitate to actually give what we had with them the honor of calling it a relationship lol

Our friends are friends with them still. Our families are still friends. Since our friend groups have merged his friends have become friends with my ex and I have become friends with his ex...

We're not traditional exes I guess.

But our parents are like adamently against them attending.

What do you all think?

I should clarify: The farthest either of us went with our ex was holding hands.


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  • It is up to you. I think it is rare to have a good relationship with an ex. Not something I would do. I am with your parents. I think it is weird. Keeping someone in your life that was a former lover is asking for trouble in my opinion. Conflict of interest. Can cause jealously and other insecurities with you current SO. But that is your business if you can maintain a proper friendship with them. For me, I can think of better friends to invite other than someone I use to date.


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  • I wouldn't invite my ex.

    • Even one from when you were 14?

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    • And you never did anything more than hold hands and go on like 3 dates?

    • Yeah, still same answer.

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  • I think its a little disrespectful to be frank. Of course I was never in your position so i would not know however I would just avoid the drama and enjoy life the way it is without them in it.

  • Yes it's weird and will generally be seen by guests in the know as inappropriate, but it's your wedding so invite whoever you want.


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  • If your familes are still friendly then why are they upset? To me that doesn't make sense. But also it's YOUR AND YOUR FIANCES WEDDING so it doesn't matter what ANYONE says, only what makes you two happy! Please don't do what I did and let anyone especially parents tell you what to do or not do in regards to your wedding. It's yalls special day so invite who you want and have a great time! Best to ya!

  • As long as you know they wouldn't fuck up your wedding and your both cool with it.

    Are you inviting them because Y'ALL want too or because they are close friends with everyone else that is close to you?