Surely people would have gotten the point by now? Why do they always want to meet up?

I have a fairly close group of friends at uni, and we all get on really well. problem is, im an older student and to be honest im more than happy in my own company at home so I dont really socialise with them outside of university. Dont get me wrong, i really do enjoy spending time with them at uni, but in my own time I prefer to just be by myself.

I aslo have some old "friends" from school who i have known for like 20yrs. I dont talk to them anymore, but they're constantly texting me and sending me messages on fbook about meeting up. we were really close until a few years ago, but people change (including myself) and they kind of annoy me now. again, im happier in my own company. I outright ignore these people when i can now, but they're so persistant.

I dont have any social issues and im confident in myself around people I just prefer my own space. granted i wasn't always like this but surely people would have gotten the point by now and would just stop going on at me to meet up?

Is there anyone else out there like me?


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  • I am the same and only 15. Don't get me wrong I love hanging out with friends but once I kind of only have a certain amount of energy for it , coz socially I find emotionally exhausting and I need me time to recharge myself I just coming home to my house to a place I'm used to and not have to worry about anyone else other than myself, for people who aren't like this like my sister it's hard for them to understand how you can enjoy being alone coz she loves being around someone, I usually just ignore the texts for a long time to not have them constantly asking

    • phew, for a moment i was worried it was an age thing haha. thought i was turning into a grumpy old man!

      I know how you feel, my brother is super sociable and can't stand being by himself, he gets bored so easily. From that point of view i think we are better off. I rarely feel bored, where as he needs people around him otherwise he's bored to tears.

      thanks for your input.

    • Yeah my sister is the same , when were being drived anywhere I always listen tomusic in my headphones and just keep to myself and she hates it coz she gets so bored coz she has nothing to do, I guess the bonus is tho I can keep myself entertained just with my thoughts, it's hard for people who need to be very social able to understand we need alone time

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  • Yes; I used to have a big circle of acquaintances, friends and 2-3 "best" friends at uni. Today 1 best friend, 3-4 close friends, 10-12 acquaintances and I am perfectly happy to see all of them infrequently. I am what the French refer to as "sans souci", a non-needy, self-sufficient person. You'd be surprised how many people (mainly women) think this is somehow wrong (thankfully not my girlfriend who is the same way!)

    • "sans souci" I'll remember that! It definitely applies to me.

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  • they probably just miss you and think you need to have more fun. it's nice to stay in touch with old friends and reminisce.

    • the thing is, i enjoy being by myself, either reading a book, playing some video games or just watching movies. to me that is fun.

      I've done the whole clubbing and getting pissed every night thing, and I was kind of forced into being sociable in my last job because i was in the military which means i had to share a room with 12 other guys.

      maybe thats why I prefer my own space now?

    • i know what you mean.
      i enjoy alone time too.
      there's nothing wrong with that,
      but maybe don't entirely block them out.

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  • We live in a society.

    • true, but what i choose to do with my own time is my business. i pay my way, and am a functioning member of said society so why is it so weird if i prefer my own company over that of others?

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    • to be honest, its not so much that im bothered by people thinking im weird. I couldnt care less tbh.
      its more the fact that I can't understand their reasoning. To me, its perfectly healthy to be able to be happy in ones own company.

      my way of thinking is that people who need a lot of stimulation and who need to be around others all the time are needy. I guess thats the root of my frustration regarding people always wanting to meet up.

    • I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. Just keep your position in society safe... that's all I'm saying

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