What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?

If you haven't caught one yet, there's still plenty of fish in the sea!

My biggest was this one 2 foot catfish.


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  • This girl... jessi! Biggest catch of my life, I still brag about, oh, oh...


    I'm quite dissapointed in this but my biggest fish catch was when I was a we lad and it was a winged fish.
    2.bp.blogspot.com/.../flying_fish.jpg looked like this but a bit bigger.

    • Ohh a flying fish?

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    • xD

      I don't know what an angel fish is, but I don't think it's colorful

    • Haha i don't believe so either. But I barely fish though anyway XD.

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  • 36 inch striped bass

    • WOAH how much did it weigh dude?

    • no clue, there was no scale. I've caught about 10 striped bass but that was the biggest. My dad went fishing last week and caught a couple that were 40+ inches.

    • I can't imagine holding one of those things!

  • It wasn't very large, just a small seven pound barracuda off the coast of southern California.

    He was tasty, though. ♥

  • like 6 inches.. nothing special at all

  • I caught a 70 Dorado and I caught a 300 lb Mako Shark. Now there's a game fish ! My God they can put up a fight !

    • My god how long did THAT take?

    • Two hours, Mako's are the fastest Shark in the ocean. They jump and tail walk
      just like Marlin and Sailfish. Wonderful and spectacular game fish.

  • 120 lb yellowfin tuna, 150 lb striped marlin

    • How hard were they to catch>

    • They both put up a tough fight if that's what you mean. Both were caught in Mexico. The marlin was on a small boat near Cabo. The tuna was on a bigger boat that left San Diego and traveled south about 500 miles or so.