Hit back or defend/counter? Self-defense against women and men?

There is a strange thing about these two, if someone tries to hit you being a man or a women should you just hit back or should you try to avoid the hits and hold them to calm things down?
I unfortunately got in some fights with some collegues who had something to show off.
The first fight was a collegue who fuking kicked my leg withouth reason, and i turn to him and i grab his neck and punched him in the face.
The second fight was with a bigger guy xD, after our victory in a soccer game, i went near him to salute him for that game, and when i hand shaked his hand, he uses the other hand to grab my neck, in that case i just kicked him in the balls, i mean he was big as fuck and i could not get free unless i made him release me.
Now in the first situation, my agression was not moral because he already stoped, but i could not let him just kick me and be okay with it. The second was self-defense.
Now like when i dont tolorate a man hitting me and humiliating me in public, i dont tolorate a women to slap me in public, the problem is that they cry... they cry if we fight back, they play the victims soo if a women hits u, just grab her hands our something dont let her slap u anymore and never hit them, because they will pretend it was you who started, and you will get in serious trouble.
If she tries to kill you (imagine she holds a knife or something) show her no mercy, it is your life that is in danger, if you have to kill her, do it. If you can take the knife, take it, but make sure you dont die trying to not kill your agressor.
*Disclaimer: With this im not telling that man agressors are better than women agressors, just saying that women use their fragil nature as a law defense when they get into fights with man. I would prefer if people never start this types of agressions, but unfortunately they happen sometimes.


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  • I think physically fighting other people is bullshit little kids and macho guys do. I think it's super childish and immature. And as for your second fight: claiming that this was "self-defense" is simply a lie. YOU went up to this guy and slapped his head. Had you been a little more sensitive, you could have easily assumed that people who've just lost a game aren't in the best of moods and being slapped by one of the winners (even if it's meant in a friendly way) can feel even more humiliating and make the loser freak out a bit. So this was just very inconsiderate on your part.
    I have never been in a physical fight in my whole life and I've never been in any kind of fight with a stranger. The reason for this is very simple: I don't even let things progress to that point of no return. I am very sensitive person and can judge well what I should say or if I should say/do anything at all. Sometimes it's just better to shut your mouth or not do anything (for example when you can tell that the other person isn't in a great mood). When I go out on Friday or Saturday nights and a stranger acts aggressively towards me (which happens very rarely), I simply walk away. I don't care about bullshit stuff like "pride" or "honor" or all this crap some guys would cut of their dick for. I just wanna be left in peace and go about my business. Also, I don't know any girls who would ever use physical violence. If I knew one that did, I would certainly stop being her friend.

    • Lol soo u blame me for the second one? I swear to god that i didn't mean to humiliate him, the game was closed no reason to fell humiliated. And no u can't avoid every conflict... U just were lucky that it never happened to you. Soo a bigger guy tells u gtfo or i will beat u. U just go away? I can't do that. I stay and if they start i finish.

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    • fights because I don't even let myself be provoked by anyone. In my opinion that belongs to acting in a grown-up and mature way. When somebody comes to me and tells me to gtfo, I simply go away. I don't do that because I give in to them or because I respect their authority. I simply do it because I'm too good and too smart for them to even let myself be involved in a fight. By walking away I show them that I literally don't give a fuck about them. When you react to other people's provocations and start a fight with them, you just let yourself down to their stupid, primitive level. When you walk away on the other hand and show them the cold shoulder, you show them that you don't even let them be a microscopic part of your life. They're like air to you. In Swiss we have a good saying that says something like "The smart one (he who is willing to overlook his own pride) gives in and lets the donkey ("idiot") win because he understands that by giving in, he is the true winner.

    • i didn't slape him in this head i hand shaked him.