Where can a teen get an e cig?

I reallyyy wanna try an e cig I've never smoked anything in my life before but i wanna try it. I know lots of teens who do it. Im also aware of the health issues. I look over 18 lol someone thought i was 22. But I was watching this thing on the news where they proved how easy it was for a minor to go to a store and just buy one. Because it was legal in Februrary 2015 in Michegan. But what about California? Can I just go up to a store and ask for one? Or has the law changed?


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  • Ddooooonnnttt doooo iiiitttt

    I have never met anyone who smoked who didn't wish they could quit. It really isn't worth it just to try. That's how most people get hooked.


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  • It is illegal for a store in California to sell ecigs or similar products to minors. You do so the same as buying beer when I was your age. You either get an older friend or a fake ID.

    • but where could i get a fake idddd

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