Has anyone else had instances like this?

I was getting ready for work when I had a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. My ex instantly popped into my head.

I also had a really deep feeling of sorrow and dread, but in a few the feeling was gone. Later tonight It has come back outta nowhere again. I smelled her perfume and the overwhelming sadness and dread feeling again. As well as the sick feeling and pain in my stomach.

I felt the urge to get in contact with her but so far no reply. Please when responding be serious. Im not posting this to see your sarcasm and childishness.


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  • You miss her, aw? Don't worry give her some time to reply.

    • its not that I miss her it was a mutual split. we still talk. Its just a feeling

    • Well I hope you get to talk to her man 😊

    • I mean tell her your feelings*

What Guys Said 1

  • you're too indoctrinated by feminism...

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