What to feed the stray cats?

What to feed them? They come to my house back gate and puring for food. Baby cats, 3 of them. Mother cat nowhere to be seen.


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  • You have two options. Get a cat carrier, a big one, and put them in it. Take them to a rescue centre where they can be re-housed. There is a big possibility they will be split up.

    Check with your family to see if you can adopt them yourself into your home. Then feed them normal cat food. Fish scraps as a treat, but watch out for fish bones.

    Also, before you adopt them, check to see if they have a friendly nature. Are their tails straight up in the air when you approach them? This is a sign of trust and friendliness. Any other position shows anxiety or mistrust. Be wary in that case. You will be able to work out if they are truly ferral when you feed them. if they are ravenous, then it's quite possible they belong to no one.


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  • Take them to an animal rescue center instead, feeding them won't solve the problem. They'll only start coming to you for food because they know it's guaranteed. You will not solve anything by doing that.