Don't you hate Hollywood sometimes?

I'm talking about mainstream Hollywood. You know, things used to more strict and worse, especially for black people but I don't think as we're nearing the end of 2015, we were able to solve anything. It's still like a playground for white, heterosexual, you know, ordinary people.

You'd think we'd move past "hey, you're black, you're Asian, you can't be in this" but it's still the same, just not said out loud. Can you imagine the backlash if they said "We won't consider non-Caucasian actresses for Katniss Everdeen"? They won't say it but they'll do it. Do you know that they -whoever made it- wanted Big Hero 6 to have a full-Asian cast but Disney openly refused to find it if they did that, and the main characters ended up half-Asian with under the care of their white aunt?

I mean, there are a lot of black actresses and actors out there but especially with actresses it's closer to white, the better. Even if the character is dark-skinned in the original book/comic/etc. they'll make someone like Halle Berry play her. If there's a PoC lead they'll have a white love interest bc that's the way to both put white people in it and say they're not racist—it's an interracial relationship and supposedly they wouldn't do it if they were racist. But almost no one is racist in that blatant "Eww look at those Negroes, my white skin is superior" in America right now. Or at least they don't say it out loud. But people still have that white supremacy belief deep in their heart. Same about homophobia. Kind of same about sexism. And it's a capitalist society, so if they make an action movie and make the protagonist a white, tall, handsome, manly man with a hot female (I think race doesn't matter as much when it's just the white lead guy's arm candy, it may even be better—they can fetishize the lightskin black/Asian-etc woman) love interest they can make a lot more money than they would with a acurrately represented, Native American, gay lead with an Arab-American love interest.

*weren't able
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  • It's not the real world. Why do you even care?

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