Is it neccesary that people who rage a lot are most likely to turn abusive in future?

I rage out quite often when things aren't going my way or when I am just sad. I've been told to see a therapist about this but I don't think it's really that bad cos altho I do think Ima do something bad or hit someone but I don't and just stop myself unless I have a solid reason I find valid enough to do something about it. I had this problem from while, But it never got so serious till yesterday. This chick was continuously blowing horns on me from behind because my car kinda got stuck and I told her to wait, She kept blowing it so I just got out of car and told her to do something about it (I meant like do something about it so we both can go lol) but she started yelling and cussing and tried almost pushing me lol I just dodged and my instant reflex was to slap her. (It wasn't like full out slap) We argued for a minute after that then I just moved my car little to side and then moved her car so she can move (She asked for it cos she said she can't really move it, She had stick so maybe she didn't knew that well to drive stick) And after few mins I went back too but that incident is really bugging me a lot lol because I've been in few "road rage" but I just argue and never really have slapped or pushed some stranger. Do you think this kinda thing really needs to get worked on or is it bad but still controllable without talking to any therapist or something? I read many cases about abusive people with anger problems but never considered me one lol which I still don't but people bitch to me too much about it and its kinda getting to me


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  • A few days ago I was reading about a road rage incident that happened when a Father cut off a driver and the driver decided that he can take out his gun and start shooting the guy who cut him off. The bullet hit his 6 year old daughter and she did not live.

    Anger is as a powerful emotion as love, but you can learn to control it. I think anger is how you have taken out your emotions since you have been growing up, and controlling is foreign to you. Next time something happens, take a deep breath and try to erase the memory from your mind. Try to think as it never even happened. There was a philosopher who said that there is no point of being angry when you expect bad things to come from as a result of interacting with people. If you expect it to happen, why do you still get angry.

    • I don't think I'd ever shoot anyone, that's just psychoiesh

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    • Yea that's what I think they'd do lol Ima just not take it and see for next two weeks

    • You'll figure it out!

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  • While the potential to become abusive is defanantly there it can be changed either with or without a therapist. The question is do you have the will power to do it without the help? It has to be a total mind set that you are able to maintain regardless as to what isn't going your way. I had anger issues earlier in like that could have easily gotten out of hand , I purchased a punching bag to use on my bad to worse days. I have to admit it wasn't easy on certain occasions but I got through it without hurting anyone despite wanting to kill a few. It all in how you choose to be. Some say it's not controllable , I say hear crap everyone is capable of thinking before they react so yes it is totally controllable

    • Yea we have punching bags in school gym, But I don't really think I am that "angry" as people tell me I am and yea I do wanna change it lol I don't know where to start doe

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    • Lol they would rather you not react than become violent or abusive I'm sure

    • Yup cos that'd suck lol I only felt like yesterday I need to stop this

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  • By getting mad you are bitching at others realize it or not I don't think there is a problem with your anger its good to express it as long as you don't damge property of others or harm others or yourself if you do then yes you need to see a therapist and get to the button of that anger

    • No I don't harm others or myself physically if that's what u mean, or I've controlled it yet

    • thats what i meant

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