What should I do tonight?

I don't have anything planned, and want some suggestions as to how I should spend my evening/night plus the extra hour as clocks go back. It's currently 17:40 here.


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  • You should study if you're in school, minimum of 20 minutes each subject, giving yourself a small break between each subject.

    You should cook yourself a good meal.

    Call your mom, grandma, loved one and ask them how they're doing.

    If you feel like having friends over, watch a movie or game.

    If you don't feel like entertaining guests, do those things yourself.

    At the end of the night study again.

    Take a shower, brush your teeth, go to bed.


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  • The extra hour starts at 3 am...
    Go on a movie marathon or binge watch a sries.

  • You could read something or watch some tv show.. or just hang out with friends?

    • im gonna finish watching "it follows" then maybe find something else, seen all i wanna see on netflix so might rent something on amazon

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