Interested in making videos on YouTube, Ideas of what I can do?

I spent about the last five-six years looking at doing something media related as a job, I've been to college to get a diploma in Level 2-3, I'm planning to go to University and get a job somewhere down the line in TV or Film production.

I could of gone this year but I wanted to take a year off to do some of my own work, I had the idea of doing YouTubing (NerdCubed, JackSepticEye etc) but went off the idea as I know I'm just not talented as an on-screen personality, even in college I work better behind the camera than in-front of so I was thinking more doing soemthing different than that.

I have a pretty good (But not high spec) computer, I have decent editing equiptment, but what I don't have is a microphone, a camera, or friends for that matter so we can all do something.


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  • Why don't be you talk about the stuff you went to stuff for? Someone would be interested


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