Give in or come out triumphant?

So, my family pisses me off so much.

I'm happily eating, studying etc. in my room, and they want me to come out as they want to attend this event, but they cannot leave without me as we are to attend this event as a family.

On the one hand, it is interesting watching my selfish family whine and cry over not going, on the other I want to go to the event.

What should I do?


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  • give in. you can trash your name, you can trash your reputation, but you can't trash your family in life.

    • I would never trash my name, or my reputation, but I would happily inconvenience them, (not trash because that's not who I am), because they seem to have zero problem doing the same to me.

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    • Ha ha sorry I didn't mean to be condescending.

      I just look back on all the pain they've caused me and how affected I've been by it, and realized if I could do things differently I wouldn't let them get to me.

      I started doing badly in school at a point because of the bullying tha thappened at home. That's one of my biggest regrets to date

    • lol its fine, cuz i respect my elders and like to learn from them.