Is it right to view yourself as a 'failure' because of a marriage breakdown?

Was married for 22 years and the split was by mutual consent with no mitigating circumstances.

Still, I harbour a sense of responsibility for its failure- is this right?


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  • Not enough details... why do you view yourself in such a bad light? It takes two people that work on the relationship. I don't know you. Only you would truly know if you dissect the details of it but really, is this something that happend a while back? or recently? those are the things you must do. Don't dwell on something (as hard as it is to do) that you can't truly fix or do anything to fix. What's the point? You would be wasting the only life you have left. You would be wasting it for real. Are you still in speaking terms with your ex or not? Is there any awkwardness? It also takes maturity to really get past something. Are you guys at least on civil speaking terms? If so, at least take it from there, and I'm sorry that it didn't work. Good luck with your life. Be happy, you only have this one life. :-) Enjoy the journey.

    • there aren't really too many details, just classic no longer 'in love' but still love each other. My view is because I am old school and believe on it being 'till death do us part', so I guess I see I failed in that

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  • Yes it was a failure, that is extremely obvious. You had a fail of a marriage.

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