Guys, GUYS, how would you respond to either of these scenarios?

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Consider the two scenarios, tell me which would impact you the most in this guy's shoes--good or bad or not at all. And why.

Some background info: While on a work visa in another country, you once fell in love with a girl that you dated for about 3 months while you were there (dated, not in a relationship because you relocated thousand miles away from her, a situation you had no control over and she could not move to be with you). The relationship fell apart after you moved away for many reasons. Though you loved her, she had some issues. You let her go and moved on. 6 months later you have a new girlfriend but you and your old flame are still facebook friends although you two have barely had any contact all since the day you left (moved away).

Which of these scenerios would impact you? What are your thoughts?
a) A year or so later, you find out on facebook that she is visiting your country for a few months. You're in a relationship with someone else but couldn't resist a friendly contact with her. Making small talk, you ask her if she's seeing anyone. She says "no, to be honest, I have not been on a date, seen anyone or talked to anyone since the day you left. "
b) You see on facebook that she is in a relationship with someone. You see that she's very different from when she was with you, she seems to have overcome some of her issues. She seems happy, confident and secure, her relationship with this guy is going much better than the relationship she had with you. It was just bad timing when y'all met. She is coming to your country for 3 months.


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  • a) I'd wonder if she was lying and I'd cross examine her.
    b) I'm not interested in seeing her.

    • a) she is definitely not lying. she never got over him. not interested in anyone else.

    • then it depends who I love more, her or my new girlfriend.