How can you tell if someone is in awe of you, from their expressions?

Not behaviour just expressions?


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  • When you are famous or someone important, it's easy to tell. Women and men go crazy and ask for pictures and autographs. However, it's much more difficult to tell if you are an average person. If you feel that the other person is somewhat staring at you, flushed, nervous, looks in other directions when he or she is talking to you, then probably that person is in awe with you.

    • I look in other directions when I'm talking to people, but it's mostly because I'm bored or trying to give them hte feeling of unimportance.

    • it's a combination; when you look around your sentences are probably drawn out and you don't really have much to say, indicating that you're not really interested in what the person is saying.

  • There's this one girl currently who has a huge thing for me and it's so obvious. She just starts giggling, yes giggling, like a 5 year old the moment she sees me and we start talking.

    • I behave like a 5 year old around this guy I wonder if he thinks I like him.

    • He probably knows. If you think it's obvious, then it probably is.

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