Girls, So how can I live life being single my entire life?

I refuse to. There's nothing worse. But you know I can't because I'm not attractive so fuck life


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  • Okay, find a girlfriend.

    • Well I can't because I would already have one.

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    • Well why comment if you don't know? People like you make life worse for others

    • Chill, here is my answer. If you go to college, work, or volunteer at some place, go up to a girl and start talking to her. Don't start asking too many random questions because that scares the hell out of us. Or make weird or random comments about yourself or her. Ex of a conversation: Guy: Hey you look pretty.
      Girl: Okay?
      Guy: My name is... What your name...
      Girl :...
      Guy: Nice to meet you...
      Girl: Okay, nice to meet u...
      Guy : Would you like to hang out?
      Simple conversations with females and smile. Look cheerful, not scary. Okay.

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