Is low lights the same as dying your hair all over color? Or is one less damaging?

I want all over color cuz my hair is really blonde and I want to bring down the color a lot but I don't know if low lights is different than all over color? please help!!!


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  • Low lights is not the same as "all over color". If you want all over color you'll have to dye it. Low lights and highlights aren't really meant for all over color and you'll be disappointed with the results. It is less damaging but it's still not going to give you the right effect.

    • I Want an all over color but darker than it is now I'm hoping I can do it cuz my hairstylist made an appointment for a low light and I know I'm not going to be happy with it cuz last time I paid 100 dollars for low lights that didn't even show up. It was such a waste...

  • Low lights are like highlights except low lights are a darker color than your all over hair color and high lights are lighter color than your all over hair color? If that's what your asking? Lol.

    • If a hairstylist says she can do lowlights to your hair can you change your mind and ask for an allover color? It should be similar right?

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    • I just want a darker blonde all over color. That's it. Thank you this helps. :)

    • Your welcome (: