Am I crazy/possessed or still drunk? what is happening to me?

on Friday I drank 12 beers or 11 while i was talking to my friend then i slept, Saturday (which was yesterday) morning i felt only a headache dizzy and feeling sick, then on the day i felt much better after taking a shower, than Saturday night (yesterday night) I took only two beers, today morning when i was sleeping I heard voices so i woke up to these mixed voices, to my surprise there was none in my room (none can get in my room since i'm leaving in a dorm for a boarding school the rules are quite strict and i don't have any friend there and most of time my room is locked when i'm in or out) right after i woke up it stopped, i didn't give it a thought at first then it got back since i've been emotionnally tired lately, i said that it might be the reason that i'm overthinking things or i am still drunk, then when i went to shower the voices got louder and has some echo effect which was really scary, i thought the landlord came in but I checked with her and she denied. am I still drunk or what?


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  • you probably just heard somebody else in the dorm, its likely that the acoustics in a group building like that are weird.