What happened to @Anon1999?

I just noticed he deleted his account. Does anybody know why he left G@G? He was a great advice giver and good person :/


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  • I think he just felt it was the end of his time here and wanted to move on to other things.


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  • I'm more iffy about @R3d_Anonymous.

    • OMG 😳 I would never have guessed he'd deactivate. I'm shocked, but not sad at all, he was rude to me.

    • @MissNowhere I kinda liked that guy, he was one of the few who said I'm fair and objective :P

      Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk as the English say if I know correctly

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  • I don't know who that is.



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  • No one cares, I wouldn't be surprised if thats you yourself trying to get attention, since you're being anonymous.

    • Why so bitter dude?

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    • Wtf? That guy was like a older brother to me. Why did you even post if you have nothing good to say about anything or anyone?

    • If he was like a bigger brother to you then surely you'd have other ways to message him than just here. Also why would you ask this as anonymous if you really were so close.

      And I posted because that is my opinion, that is what this site is for.

  • Mr Anon killed @Anon1999 !!! It's like a game of Clue !!

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