Bullying and hierarchy structure; what has been your experience?

I am really looking for serious stories for what actually happens. I believe those bullied are often glossed over and overlooked by society. What have you experienced or seen?


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  • Well, when I was in grade 4 there was a guy who I had crush on. One time a boy from my class made fun of my lunch box and the guy I was crushing on defended me. However, after 9/11 happened and when we returned to school, he stopped talking to me. I remember he said "Aren't you the Muslims who killed our people?"


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  • I this those that get bullied get far too much codling. Bullying serves the purpose of implementing the "assimilate or die" mentality that society has at it's core. To try to defend those that get bullied is to deny that we have societal norms.


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