Guys, if a random guy was verbally abusive to your SO, what would you do?

If say, your SO knocked his arm by accident in a shop... she apologised , but he stood in front of her shouting abuse in her face. Would you just stand back and let her deal with it, or try to calm him to defuse the situation. What would you do?


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  • I don't think this could ever happen where I live. While I love the warm and open US-American temper and mentality, one big downside of it is that people also yell at each other really easily, even if they are complete strangers. People from my country Switzerland on the other hand are known for being exceptionally coolish and reserved (only comparable with Scandinavians). We never talk to any stranger unless we absolutely must (and even we feel very uncomfortable). When you're on the bus or on the train, the worst thing that can happen to a typical Swiss person is to be spoken to by a stranger (even if it's in a friendly and kind manner). We prefer it if everyone just stays quiet and minds his/her own business. If a Swiss person has a problem with somebody else, it's very unlikely that he/she openly confronts that person. We would much rather just swallow our frustration (partially because confronting somebody means exposing yourself which we really hate) and perhaps talk about it later to friends. Also, we can be a bit Japanese sometimes in the sense that we excuse us a lot in public, every-day life settings, even if something wasn't actually our fault (for example if you accidentally walk into another person, both people will apologize although it was only your fault).
    So the scenario of a random stranger yelling and swearing at my girlfriend for knocking his arm in a shop is extremely unlikely in my country. They would probably just both apologize and then try to get out of that awkward situation as fast as possible. However, if I guy reacted like that anyway (screaming and swearing), I would assume that he's got some mental problems and I would grab my girlfriend by the arm, say sorry to that person and then quickly leave. I certainly wouldn't want to have some stupid fight with that guy. I generally hate fights and I especially hate uncomfortable situations (arguments etc.) with strangers.


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  • I've had something like this happen before, it's real easy, I tell him to fuck off.

  • I would try to softly grab her and walk away.

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