This is a good reason to leave your job right?

Soo i just started my classes and my job has been affecting my sleep schedule as well as my study time. I dont even really need the money either to be honest plus its a hassle commuting to work everyday an hour there and almost two hours back when there's traffic. Its minimum wage and my boss sucks and my coworkers are always grumpy too. Anyways i just want to be a good kid and focus my efforts towards my schooling but my coworkers and boss are generally being bitches about it. I put my two weeks in last week and i was going to work until than but today my boss was just being a straight asshole so i was just like i dont need the drama so i left early and texted her saying today was my last day. But other than that i feel great about the general direction of my life like im going to school full time at 17 and im moving states after i finish my second semester in college. I hate that it had to get to that point but my health and my education come first before some minimum wage job where my boss doesn't even respect me. Theyre probably gossiping about me right now as we speak but i dont care because when im 30 i dont want to be working in food service i want a career and my schooling is so expensive. Plus i could always get a job at my school

Like i feel bad but honestly i wasn't learning anything new there and my work days would stretch from waking up at 4:30am-getting home at 6:30pm. Do that 4 times a week and go to school full time it just kills all of your free time and than leaves you crunching for your exams. I really dont care if any of my co-workers or if my bosses dont understand because its my life and i have other things to focus on. Plus that job is literally a dime a dozen and im still really young


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  • Sounds like a good decision to me

    • Thanks i think so too lol. I feel happier already honestly

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