Do you think my friend killed her dog?

I have a friend whom I'm cool with but I realize that I don't really know her as well as I'd like to know a friend. We first became friends a little over a year ago but fell off for about 6 months due to adult life occupying our time. I just recently found out that she used to do drugs and her son's father "has a lot more sh*t on her" then she has on him during their custody battle. :/ Slightly shady and makes me wonder...

Anyway, she's had puppy that she's been constantly complaining about because she hasn't had the time to properly discipline and train him so he's rowdy, annoying, and makes messes. While she hasn't been neglecting him physically and has provided plenty of food, water, and a comfy dog bed for him, she hasn't been able to care for him emotionally and mentally due to her hectic work schedule. Just last week she was trying to sell him. Yesterday, she said she thought he was dying because he wouldn't touch his food and seemed depressed, saying that dogs can die from depression. This morning she said he was dead. Is that a bit soon? I've never had a dog but that seems like it happened awfully quick. Is that normal or does that sound shady? What do you think?

  • Yes, that's shady and she may have killed her dog.
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  • No that is not shady. The dog died for possible other reasons. *explain*
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  • I can't really tell, did she seem upset sad?

    • Kinda sorta. It just seemed to happen so fast. She didn't mention the dog being sick or anything up until yesterday and one day later he's dead. Weird?

    • Yeah.. it's kind of weird. Dogs usually just don't up and die the next day with no history of sickness.
      But it can happen.

      Did she happen to buy this puppy from a puppy mill or whatever they're called? A lot of puppy mills are over populated and in breed, so the dogs there are more prone to certain sicknesses and such.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I had a horse once. His name was C. J.

    On December 13, 2008 I came home from school to have my parents sit me down and tell me that C. J. had passed away that night and when my dad went to put them out in the morning (we stall at night) he found him deceased.

    The night before I had fed him and he had behaved as normal. So yes, I believe animals can go overnight. I believe they can be seemingly fine one minute and gone the next.


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  • Maybe she gave the dog away. Have you seen a corpse? I wouldn't jump to conclusions.


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  • Was the puppy young? I have heard of young animals dying when they are by themselves a lot. Emotionally it can have an impact when they are without their mom and siblings.

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