Are there any smells that trigger a real sense of nostalgia for you?

Odd question I know, but I was buying some aftershave earlier today and noticed they still sell brute and old spice, both of which my dad used to wear when i was a kid.

They had some testers and my god they triggered instant nostalgia. My dad always worked in manual labour on construction sites etc. and i have vivid memories of how he smelled after a day at work. a mixture of sweat, tobacco and old spice.

He would wash before dinner and when he was clean he smelled of brute aftershave.

Funny how smells can trigger really strong memories.


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  • Dial hand soap. The liquid kind that's sort of gold colored. It brings me right back to being a kid at my grandparents house every single time I smell it.

  • Yeah.. it usually food.. hah


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