I'm in a bit of a situation. help?

Hey everyone so I'm in a weird situation. I really want the company of a girl right now hahaha I just moved to a new town for Uni and basically all my housemates are out, I'm feeling pretty homesick. normally I'd have a girl over to hang out because that always makes me feel better, but i haven't quite got that at the moment. What should I do? I know this is a strange question but hey, I'm bored and in need of some action.


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  • Your pic says in a relationship, so are you referring to cheating? Cause if that's the case, I'd say no. But if you're single, do you man. Go out and get a girl if you can find one, why not. Just don't force anyone to do anything.

    • Wow hahahahah I'm actually single, i've forgotten to change that. but cheers for the input man :)

    • Np bro lol. Good luck!

  • Tinder is your friend.