I told her I miss her a lot, did I come on too strong?

It's been awhile since we spoke but we don't really talk much, I decided back then I should mess things up anyway. My only intention was to see her response and I think it was a big mistake and I came on too strong... I told her hey, I really really miss you. I think that was bad :/

This was a message by the way


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  • In my opinion you didn't come on strong. You were merely expressing what you felt. You could tell her that you miss talking to her so she will understand where you're coming from.

    • That's exactly what I thought, but people don't think the same way I don't know, I just hope she didn't think something negative out of it :/

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  • It's hard to know with no background info.

    What was her reaction?

    • I forgot to mention that this was a message. Basically, we don't talk much because she doesn't talk to me first. Her response was just "awww..." and a sad face.

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    • Oh, I think you came off fine. Not too strong.

    • Really? But anyways I am posting this for hell of it this girl just doesn't seem to be interested she hasn't contacted me for awhile and I'm sick of being the one to contact her, so I pretty much gave up. She gave me some body language signs which I'll never trust when I see from any girl ever again.

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