Is Pat Robertson insane?

Is Pat Robertson insane or is he just a devout man spreading Christianity and we all need a good dose of that these day?

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  • You (and the rest of us apparently) need Jesus
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  • insane, profane and in need of some cocaine. what a fucking nutcase he is. i'll never understand the people who follow him and send money, wtf is that about? oh yeah i like pudding too, just like bill cosby.

    • Just like Bill Cosby? I also will never understand how anyone can follow, like or respect him. He needs to die already. So does Cosby :P

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    • ha! you put the creep back in creepy there

    • Just wait till I get a pair of your socks that stand up on end.

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  • I've met Christians who I respect and I can say I don't respect that guy. He openly demeans and shifts blame to people who don't deserve it all the damn time lol

    • He is such a smug little shit. I do get lots of laughs from him at least.

  • Who? -----------

    • Youtube him. He is a pleasant fella indeed.

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