How prevalent is racism in your area?

What kind of racism have you encountered?

Are racially sensitive comments ever okay? How about in comedy?


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  • As low as possible. Silicon Valley city with about an even split of every ethnicity. I base it on the fact there is basically no tension or hate crimes, and everyone seems to get along, all friendly in public, in grocery stores, etc., and I have never witnessed any here at all in many long years, unlike some areas I have traveled to, where I saw it first hand (against my own race, I might add, including cusswords, such as: "kill all X people!")

    But I have to ask: in a situation other than mine here in Silicon Valley how on earth can someone measure that? By gut feeling? (biased or off-track). By what? Supposed stereotypes of which specific groups are at this point in time nationally not getting along or supposed to no be getting along? That's like saying guilty until proven innocent. See what I mean? So let's say this is St. Louis and one Black and one White have a fight. Can you prove it's based on race - as courts have argued you need to prove, and can't just say that because two races are involved? Take a bank robbery. Is it racism because the robbers are one race and the victims are of another? Court says no. What if you could PROVE (you have secret powers) that some people among those perps as well as among those victims are actually racist. Is that a crime? no, because first off bank robbers didn't rob due to racist views, second of all having racist views is not a crime and never will be.

    People in a free society should have the right to be DEAD wrong, even to the point of disagreeing with integration (dumbasses, to be sure), but should have that right to have a philosophy not pounded into them.

    Free to be disagreeable.

    • Oh, sorry about not answering the end. Comedy is touchy, some say yes, some say no. I personally don't like abrasive comedy, so I would not want to hear the 'N' word ever, not even if Blacks want to do that, but again, they are free to do so.

      About sensitivity, that is so subjective, what if I called a German person Austrian? is that being insensitive on my part? I am ignorant but not insensitive. Or if the person I am interacting with me explodes over that query, are they not over-reacting to a non-event?

      OR cultural "expropriation" like I can't wear a Native American costume for Halloween because I am appropriating another culture's thing? What about on stage? is a non-Polynesian person forbidden from wearing the hula-type dresses that Bloody Mary wears in South Pacific? How far do we accommodate in this case? Close the production down due to one protest, one cry of racism, and demand a public apology or the director/producer loses their jobs? Do you see where this is going?

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  • it seriously isn't that bad here.

    no i can't stand racially sensitive comments. i think it's disgusting. in comedy, I'm ok with it to a limit, but even then i think comedians need to consider their material a bit more carefully. that's just my personal view though.


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  • Really none existent here in fact I'm at work right now watching blacks, whites, Mexicans and mixed guys all playing basketball together and laughing and having a good time.

  • The city I live is not very racist. I grew up in one of the central US rural farming states that is very ignorant and they were quite racist.

    • 1) Against who? or all races?
      2) How did they show it?
      3) Was it just old folks or young ones too?

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    • Also how did the blacks respond to the racism?

    • Hate crimes of mild racism to violence!
      It doesn't help things, groups just become more socially segregated to protect themselves. So glad I don't live there anymore! Live somewhere where people are progressive and understanding

  • Not too bad, but my mate got racially insulted a couple weeks back.

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