She crossed the line?

So when Im with a couple of my friends, guys have gone up to me and started talking to me, asked for my number, stared at me (my friends point it out) or have done random stuff like tap me in the shoulder and smile. by the way Im a senior in high school. Because they see this happen, they always ask me why I'm single and why I never dated anyone. Im a shy person and it takes time for me to get comfortable with someone which I've told them. Im just that awkward with guys.(plus I have anxiety) It took me a long time to even warm up to my friends let alone a cute guy. The problem is that one of my friends started saying that Im a lesbian which I've never thought of being with someone of the same sex before and have NOTHING against it at all. I could comment on a girl's outfit and she would look at me weird... She just started asking me things like that and has asked me if i was in class in front of random people... It's funny because she never had a boyfriend either but she hooks up with guys and I don't know I just feel like she crossed the line.


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  • yeah its a massive cross of the line... You know something though? In a year school will be over and you have a time to invent yourself as who you want to be.

    The anxiety I recommend seeing a counselor and they will help you through it. Please remember that nobody has the power to make you feel bad about yourself. Especially if they are spreading lies. They are not better than you and you have a right to be yourself. Anyone who has a problem with that, they are the people who have issues.