People experienced with kids: Can you give me some concrete examples on how to tackle this situation?

I'm an English teacher and i got the boss's nieces coming in today. They will learn for 3 hours a day. They are twins.

When they came, they seemed to be really shy, so let them watch some songs from Frozen. After that they loosened up. In fact, they got "too loose" and did not want to behave.

I tried using a more stern voice, tried speaking some words in their language in case they don't understand my orders in English, tried rewarding them with stickers on the one time they actually listened to me.
Nothing worked and I was exasperated.

My coworker said when they came in last year with another teacher, a guy, the girls were really quiet and nice because he was strict. I can't say that I'm just all rainbows and no thunder. But apparently I need to be more strict with them.

I just don't know how to be more strict without:
a. Making them associate learning with boredom or feeling scared
b. Giving tons of punishment and being all witch-y.

Anyone has any concrete suggestions on what I could do tomorrow? The twin girls are 6.


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  • Play on their looseness and have them lead the class in something. a song, a dance, etc.

    in that scenario it's either put up, or shut up... especially if another kid takes the reins after either declines.

    • It's a private course. The two are my only studentd

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  • Be very fair. Make class rules with them with clearly shown consequences to bad actions. Always follow through with the consequence. Always explain why it has happened. Make sure that once the consequence is over it's over and you move on to something more enjoyable. You just have to be hard on them, but just be firm but fair. These kids aren't your friends and children quickly forget they don't like you once you're having fun. Kids are fickle.

    • The problem is, I'm not even sure how much spoken English do they understand. While I can't speak much of their language either. So if I start to talk about a list of rules, I'm afraid they will not understand

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    • Why is that? What are you supposed to be teaching them?

    • No idea why. Probably just lazy. I was told that they were actually born in the US, but went back to their countries when they were 2. now, they still watch cartoons in English, but they just won't speak much English. I'm only supposed to teach them simple English like pets and pet care and basic future tense.

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