Guys, I am 1 month from being 20. I have never been kissed. I have never had a relationship. What is wrong with me?

I am a catholic and I have been waiting for a boyfriend for years. I am very shy and don't often talk to guys at all. I don't think I am ugly, but I also don't think I am attractive. Sometimes I think I am playing it hard, but at the same time, I don't even know what this is. I need help. Am I a worthless person?

I can cook, hike, teach and I love children! Isn't this what men want in a woman.

I am medium figured with large calves and a but. I do not portray the perfect woman in any magazine.

I cry over every love movie I have ever watched. I go to bed most nights crying to because I am alone. I also make up crazy love fantasies in my head before falling asleep.

Does any man have advice for me.

P. S. I am a red head! Do boys not like red headed females with very pale skin?


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  • Talk to your friends about how you're on the market... having mutual friends is the easiest way to meet someone.

  • My dear, I don't know you in person but from what I read about is so emotional and a Lady like you don't deserve to be alone.

    I think you're emotionally drained, try being cool around your environs. Burn the shyness away and be simple