Might Moving To New York- Please Help?

For the past few years (4.5+) my parents have been talking a lot about moving to New York. (Let me explain something before I move on- I don't live in America, and from my country to New York it's like 12 hours flight)
At most of the times, they talked about it and then dropped it because we had difficulties and it has seemed like we're not ready to move. (that's a big step, as you can tell)

They've been talking a lot about it again, this last summer. More intensively this time, though. They let it drop again and then something has woken up in them during Spetember. They almost didn't talk about it at all, but every step they've been talking about was HUGE.
A few days ago, my dad bought tickets. We're supposed to take the flight in a week from now. (oh my god, we're supposed to take the flight in a WEEK FROM NOW)

The problem is I haven't told my friends yet, because I'm afraid it might get cancelled in the last minute. (it might, you can never know) I've told them a few times in the past few years (that's my biggest dream so obviously I'll get excited) and to one friend in the last summer, but it got cancelled every single time. (not really cancelled, but I felt like it might be the real deal, and it never had!) Because of that, everytime I mention New York they tend not to believe me anymore.

I don't really know what to do. Plus, I'm really nervous and because I don't know where I'm going to be in a week from now (still here or... there!) I feel like I'm floating. It's horrible and overwhelming.

If you have any advices or solutions on what I can do to make things better\work out. You guys are truly wise and helpful, and I'm counting on you. Whatever you'll suggest me to do, it probably what will eventually happen.


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  • I think you should tell your friends that you have tickets but as they know you aren't holding your breath about going until you are leaving for the airport.

    I think you deserve to have a final farewell with your friends... You will make new ones quickly I am sure though!

    Maybe talk to your parents and ask them if its really happening and where they are planning on living etc... Try and get a picture of your new life from them.

    I know things in Israel have been increasingly dangerous so this move is probably to ensure your safety...

    • There are many reasons, really. One of them it's to ensure our safety but my dad also used to live in New York for 14 years and he misses it a lot. You know, once a New Yorkes- always New Yorker.(plus he always tells me how the minute he got out of the plane and faced New York, he felt like he's finally at home- which sounds strange but I totally relate, it feels the same to me, it's mind blowing to both of us)

      My dad has planned already everything. The problem is, plans can be cancelled... Thank you though, I've really needed this support :) <3

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    • Not yet, everything seems really calm and steady but under the surface it's a huge mess, at least for me.
      They seem so cool about moving there and let me tell you, my family gets nervous about little the things and they've been talking so many times about moving- but when everything's quite they suddenly buy tickets and agree about everything and almost not mention the fact we're moving? how the hell suddenly they're so cool about it I just don't get it. That's crazy.

    • minds are made up by the sound of it!