What was your grand-grandparents' life like?

Mine were all farmers. Even my grandmas. My mother's mother used to work in her family's farm and my father's mother would take care of the sheep. Great-grandpa was in WWII, but he didn't fight. He's still alive and functioning at 92 years old.

The real fun was at the time of my great-great-grandma's youth during WWI. Her brothers went to America. One came back, one -Hilmi- didn't. I'm still trying to find records about him. If you live in USA and have an ancestor named Hilmi who came from the Balkans or the Ottoman Empire around early 1900's, we may be related.


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  • not very funny. my gramps was in stalingrad mowing people down with a mg, while my granny saw all the cruel shit that happened here in germany.


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  • On my mom's side, my great grandfather was a factory worker (the other I am not sure), and his wife was a stay at home mom and ran their mini farm. On my dad's side, I think they were farmers as well.

    • Where did they live?

    • In Tennessee and North Carolina.

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  • My dad's mom's dad was a horse breaker. Which sound absolutely fantastic.
    His wife was a homemaker.

    My dad's dad's dad opened a slaughterhouse. Which was then run by my grandpa and is now being run my my dad - he's been trying for the last two years to convince my boyfriend and I to take it over so he can retire haha. His wife was a homemaker.

    My mom's mom's dad was a farmer. His wife was a homemaker.
    My mom's dad's dad was an iron miner. His wife was a homemaker.

    • Looks like women used to only be homemakers.

      What does a horse breaker do, exactly?

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    • That's a cool job.

    • Yeah it is! :D If I could make a living doing that now I totally would haha

  • my great grandparents lived in the Netherlands until 1945 then they immigrated to America. When they lived in the Netherlands, they ran a convenience store and they lived on top of the store. From November 1944 to May 1945 they were forced to live off of 400-800 calories a day because Hitler cut off a majority of food that was supposed to go to the Netherlands when the dutch joined the allies.

    • Were they Jewish?

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