My dad tell me I should wait until I finish college before I start dating because I am to young and "innocent"?

Do you agree or disagree? He says and my mother says as well that people will manipulate me easier since I am innocent. I don't really understand them. Won't I still be innocent and easy to manipulate even if I finish college and get a job and blah blah... then what? Honestly, I wish they just let me be and stop freaking out that I'll pregnant or that ill move in with someone. I don't really understand how this is going to work. The more I think of getting married the more I don't want to. I don't want to go in a timeline. Well, thanks you if your still reading this.


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  • I disagree with them. Dating is a part of growing up and learning about intimate relationships. You can't just focus on school at the expense of all other learning experiences. I will say though that dating can be a big distratraction from school or work especially if love is involved

    • Thank you sir! My dad just see so many girls my age jump with this guy and that but I am not like that. I think he just assume this and that.

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  • The more you study and get exposed to the world of competition and academics, there is high probability that your choices in men will change.

    Your expectations, requirements and sense of self will also change once you have a degree in hand.

    Dating and marriage are your decisions for yourself but with time, education and exposure, I bet many things will change in and around yourself.

    • I don't really like school so... I don't think I will change at all.

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    • I was totally into it xD Giving personal examples.

      Well Im not to interfere your life but I have a younger sister your age and I'll tell her the same as what I told you.

      Its your decision in the end. :)

    • *interfere into

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  • Parents tend to be overprotective about their daugthers, they see you as their innocent child and that's normal, they care about you and love you, However they have to understand that you are not a child anymore and you need to explore the world by yourself, you have to show them you know the diference between what's rigth and what's wrong and that you are capable of facing the concequences of your choices. If you feel attracted to someone and want to start dating that person you are in your rigth of doing so, this could be unpleasant to your parents but it's part of acepting you as a self-conscious human being and if you are responsible they will end up being ok with it.

    • Thanks. I wish you could tell them that! ugh, they won't listen to me. I went to family gathering and just bc some of the guys ask me to dance my mom lecture all of them. Honestly, I don't think I can have guy friends or it looks like I am dating them or I like them. I understand I don't know much about dating but I would still like to have friends and date even if I am at such a disadvantage.

  • Best to start gaining experience as soon as possible so you don't have to storm through a plethora of mistakes later.
    Also when there isn't so much responsibility than later.

  • The flip side of that is that you will never, ever, again be surrounded by so many eligible bachelors.

    Seriously. Can you think of any place better than college for dating? Let's say you're going to a big university. Every day, there are literally hundreds of potential prospects for you to date, find a good man, and get married. Unless you're a landwhale that has high standards, it's almost impossible for you to go to a decent sized university and not be able to find a great mate.

    • I go to community college not many guys there. Most of them are already married or in a relationship or military guys.

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