I made a promise I can't keep. How can I fix this?

My coworker and I are pretty close. And i love dogs obsessively. One morning, I was taking about a dog and she started to cry randomly. Then she explained to me that her best friend had passed away the night before from cancer and left behind a 4 year old boxer.
She then said that she was so happy I said that i love dogs and that I was meant to say this and be with the dog.
I comforted her and said I'd do anything to help. I was hoping the dead guy's family would take the dog because they are rich, but they didn't.
She asked me to adopt the dog and I said yes, but let's keep talking.

I really want the dog but did some thinking and cannot afford it and i have 3 jobs. i told her i can't do it, and now she's upset. How can I fix this? :(

I offered to foster for a few months and I am looking for people to adopt but she won't talk to me :(


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  • Try to find another person who might like a dog.


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  • You explained to her why you can't take the dog so while she is upset you don't have anything to fix