Do you agree with plastic surgery?

Ask me anything.. I went from a 3-4/10 to a 7/10 with two procedures. I had a large overbite and it was receeding my chin. My jaw line was weak because of it. I had braces for a year then they did the surgery through insurance. Had a huge nose and had a rhinoplasty during the same time.

It was a dramatic change and it was amazing on how different people treat me today versus before. Endless female attention lol. I had the money the body and personality before.. was just pretty ugly lol.

It's been two years since the operation and I have to say I am a much happier person and it has given me nothing but confidence. My life has changed for the better.


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  • I don't hate on plastic surgery at all, if it makes the person happier and more confident in themselves, then why the fuck not?
    It is sad we live in a society that highly values attractiveness. But not much can be done about that but try to make oneself look more attractive, hence why makeup makes girls feel more confident in themselves.
    I feel like plastic surgery is no problem at all, as long as people don't over do it and end up looking very very strange... It's exactly the same with make up, too much of it done wrong/in and unflattering way and you end up looking strange...


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  • It's not something that really requires my acceptance. But no, I don't advocate plastic surgery aside from really horrible circumstances like skin graphs for burn victims or lipo for someone that is over 500 pounds and needs help.


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  • I agree with it completely. If it makes someone happier and improves confidence and happiness then I say go for it.

  • I had surgery on my upper jaw.
    It was justified as a non cosmetic surgery because I needed it.
    My bite was horrific (under bite). My back teeth had never touched.
    But it had a big effect on my face too. I feel way more attractive
    I have a nicer profile, jawline and cheekbones due to my face now being correct haha.

    So I'm definitely not against it.

    • Did you get maxillofacial? How was your recovery.. mine was terrible.

    • Yes maxilliofacial.
      It was a lonnng recovery. I lost a ton of weight.
      I think my bone was cut in 4 places and shifted around. My whole upper jaw, running up the sides of my nose is all titanium.
      X rays are awesome now hahah

  • I think it depends. If someone wants plastic surgery for OTHER people then they are getting it for the wrong reason. If they want it because they genuinely aren't happy with their looks then that's fine

  • Typical ugly ducking story

    • Ugly duckling is an under statement lol.

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  • If it's not for something medical, I don't intend to have my body cut or pierced.

    I'm happy that you're happy though. : )

    • What if you were legitimately ugly lol. You realize if you are you are at a huge disadvantage at life.

    • I am what I am.