How many people believe that there's actually an absolute good and evil?

I know this isn't the type of question that gets asked here put I'm curious to see how many people believe that there's an definitive good and evil and how many are like me and think that those two terms are subjective.

  • There's a teue good and evil
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  • It's subjective
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  • I don't know damn it! I'm not trying to think all deep and shit
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  • Evil is against humanity or the best inclinations of humanity, compassion, curiosity, prudence, practicality, self-actualization.

    Good is being for those things.

    Evil isn't usually manifested in some monstrous villain, it's encountered every day in ordinary ways and in ordinary people.

  • If absolute good and evil could be defined, we wouldn't have all this war and strife in the world.

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